Idaho Botanical Gardens June 2018 Beehive Buzz

Happy June from (in my opinion) the beehives with the best view of Boise!  The three hives are all doing great heading into summer.  Pictured below you will see a red circle around 2 honey supers on hive one!  The bees have been busy and are storing honey that we will be harvesting late summer!  We have had an amazing spring and all beekeepers I am talking to in the Valley are having amazing honey producing years.  We are right in the middle of the honey flow that will last until late July in this valley.

Hives two and three are a little behind hive one.  This is due to them being swarm captures assuming the queen is at least a year old.  They were started about 3-4 weeks behind hive one and older queens tend to slow down laying eggs as they get older.  This fall I will be keeping and eye out for this and consider replacing them before heading into winter.

The blue circle above you will notice is an empty hive stand.  In the upcoming weeks I will be moving a swarm that I caught in the Boise foothills into a five frame nucleus hive.  I will spend the rest of summer using this small hive to help increase populations on the three hives making them all strong going into  winter.  More on this next month!

Finally,  I had a chance to spend the morning with 4 girls participating in the STEM EnGaGE camp IBG hosted in late June.  Two of the girls were able to perform hive inspections with me as I pointed out bees in several stages of development as well as the difference between the drones (male) and worker (female) bees.   Unfortunately it was little chilly and we had no luck seeing the queens.  Maybe next time!


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